To ride alongside the coast : the best spots
22.01 2019

To ride alongside the coast : the best spots

Coast spots

During your holidays or your free time, it is not difficult to find a lot of places to spend unforgettable moments. If you have considered traveling along the coast to browse and explore new landscapes, the country is not lacking.

From one end to the other, beautiful surroundings, new history to discover and unique new sites that mark the memories. To make their trip unique and exceptional then, many travelers opt for the coast, and they have a lot of choice to fulfil their dream.

The Emerald Coast

In order to experience new sensations, and to be always in good spirits and also to share exceptional moments, opt for an adventure along the coast of Great Britain by continuing the following route: 

  • The Cancale: a huge fishing port where the oysters are at the top without forgetting its hotels and quaint restaurants. The Pointe du Grouin: a protected natural area offering a heavenly view on the open sea and the coast from East to West. 
  • The beach of Soussaye or Richard: endowed with unique beaches, calm and uncrowded. 
  • The city of corsairs in Saint-Malo: perfect for walks, a city where there is calm and quiet, with the cool breeze.  
  • The Saint Malo in Dinard: a perfect place for hiking and is passed by the dam of the Rance.  
  • Dinar and its villas: a spa town with beautiful accommodations. The UK Film Festival takes place every year if you have the chance to benefit from it.  
  • Pointe du Décollé and Fort Lalatte are absolutely not to be missed. Two distinct places where the view and the landscapes are breathtaking.  
  • Cape Fréhel: finish with the one that is incomparable, where Nature dominates.

The Spanish Atlantic coast

In one day you can visit all the places with unique cachets starting with San Sebastian city. This city is full of visitors because of its particular beach. Between San Sebastian and Bilbao, you can explore other beaches and other small towns such as Orio, Zarautz, and Lelikeitio.

Do not forget to go to Txaokoli to enjoy some delicious food. The peninsula of Bilbao has many beautiful resorts, and is endowed with many upscale hotels. The places between Bilbao and Santander have beautiful beaches and rough corners.

Laredo is the old center, a historic city whose remains are still visible. Santander has pretty surroundings with rocks and sands everywhere just like creepers, perfect for strolls and gouters breaks. Then you can see the Gallice with seascapes, countryside and rias.

Explore the best places in all serenity

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